Buncheong Teaware

This plate and teapot are set in a single tone to achieve uniformity, while the tone of each tea cup varies, making them the focal point of the set.

  • Excellent cultural
    Product Program

    The Excellent cultural Product Program grants the “K- RIBBON” mark in the shape of a traditional Hanbok knot to excellent cultural products that possess Korea's unique cultural values. It is aimed at creating a “Korea Premium” concept through systematic management and brand marketing activities

Gisundo soy sauce (기순도), a product in the K-Ribbon Selection's Hansik category, is a delicious condiment made using a 10-month traditiona...read more

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Tea Towel & Deco Fabric

Three-dimensional china patterns are flattened and made into a product that can be used as a hand towel, table mat or mural decoration, as well as in the form of a scroll.

Folk Painting Wax Tablet

These decorative objects and fragrance diffusers have introduced a folk painting equipped with beauty and symbolic significance on the surface, satisfying both senses of sight and smell.


As a modern interpretation of the colors in Korean traditional wrapping cloth (patchwork), patchwork patterns have been weaved directly into these pieces of socks, embodying Korean traditional beauty and practicality in daily life.

3 types of traditional Korean paper vase (tiger, bamboo, dragon)

These products are made with engraving technique based on the painting of the image of image of blue and white porcelains. This set of three vases is made with Hanji, or traditional Korean paper, each with different design thereon (tiger, bamboo, and dragon).

mother-of-pearl tumbler series (willow tree, “kkotdam”, bamboo, plum(ume) blossom, “Noemun (fretwork pattern)“ )

These tumblers are created with the goal to naturally include the traditional look into a modern item. They come in five series: willow trees, traditional patterns, floral walls, plum blossoms and bamboos.

Hangeul Spinning Top

These cultural products are to promote Hangul, which is a proud cultural heritage of Korea, and to remind us of the formative beauty of the alphabet. These tops are a reinterpretation of the shape of Hangul so that children can learn the alphabet easily and foreigners and tourists can become interested in it.

Design tape (washi masking tape, removable fancy tape, opp box tape)

Various subject matters related to Korean culture and tradition, such as cultural heritage, national treasures, famous paintings and folk paintings, have been incorporated into tapes, which are often used by people of all ages. (Three types: masking tapes, fancy tapes and duck tapes)

Seoul City Wall Board Game

As a Korean traditional board game Yunnori has been incorporated into this board game, this can serve as a souvenir for tourists who wish to experience a traditional Korean game, and as a learning material for children, through which they can learn about the history of Fortress Wall of Seoul while having fun.