Mother of pearl 777 Nail Clippers Set

A set of nail clippers produced by combining the techniques of 777, a global nail clipper brand,
and the fine craftsmanship of nacre lacquerware

  • Excellent cultural
    Product Program

    The Excellent cultural Product Program grants the “K- RIBBON” mark in the shape of a traditional Hanbok knot to excellent cultural products that possess Korea's unique cultural values. It is aimed at creating a “Korea Premium” concept through systematic management and brand marketing activities

Gisundo soy sauce (기순도), a product in the K-Ribbon Selection's Hansik category, is a delicious condiment made using a 10-month traditiona...read more

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Lacquered celadon lotus tea set for three

Tea set inspired by lotus leaves and designed as Gangjin Goryeo celadon, one of Korea’s most highly regarded ceramic arts. Lacquered to prevent tea stains, it is antibacterial, and insect-proof to ensure durability.

Hanji Notebook ― Moonlight

Cover and inner pages all made out of traditional mulberry paper. Each notebook features a band in the middle of a traditional window lattice design.

Cera-stone Espresso Basic

Ceramic products from the 2015 and 2016 K-Ribbon Selection series featuring a modern take on traditional inlay technique. Selected as major VIP souvenirs to be sold at Seoul’s 6-star hotels.

Moire Dress

A hanbok-inspired dress made of Hansan ramie, a traditional fabric of Korea, woven with silk for an elegant finish. The natural pleats create a hanbok-like silhouette, while the bead detail features Korean patterns.

Liquor Bottle Set

The inherent naturalness adds a true value of craftsmanship to this glassware. Made of Pyrex glass, these bottles and glasses are durable and chemical resistant, which makes them even more functional as they can be placed in hot water or in a microwave.
110×110×230 (㎜)

rose lamp

LED technology is applied to crafted products. This ceramic lamp has taken the user’s safety and convenience into consideration.

Original Sweet Rice Drink

Following the recipe in the book titled Somunsaseol from the Joseon Dynasty, malt and hard rice are mixed and heated at a low temperature for a long period of time. It goes through a natural fermentation process, which gives the drink a sweet flavor.
Teapot 88×150×106 (㎜) <br/>Teacup 60×60×60 (㎜) <br/>Saucer 100×100×15 (㎜)

Cera-stione_Tea pot set (B/P)

These products have been produced based on the artist’s original techniques called “gold inlay techniques,” which fill the natural streaks of different color patterns and earth with gold and then remove it after baking.

Bibigo Whole Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Napa cabbage kimchi pickled with locally sourced ingredients, including bay salt, hot pepper powder, and fish sauce from the southern coast of Korea. The kimchi is kept especially fresh with a lid designed after the traditional fermentation method of using a stone weight.