Mother of pearl 777 Nail Clippers Set

A set of nail clippers produced by combining the techniques of 777, a global nail clipper brand,
and the fine craftsmanship of nacre lacquerware

  • Excellent cultural
    Product Program

    The Excellent cultural Product Program grants the “K- RIBBON” mark in the shape of a traditional Hanbok knot to excellent cultural products that possess Korea's unique cultural values. It is aimed at creating a “Korea Premium” concept through systematic management and brand marketing activities

Gisundo soy sauce (기순도), a product in the K-Ribbon Selection's Hansik category, is a delicious condiment made using a 10-month traditiona...read more

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Children’s Pleated Dress

Mid-length dress for a child, inspired by the seamless skirt of traditional hanbok and redesigned with comfort and mobility in mind while preserving the traditional hanbok silhouette.

Mountain and Cloud Candle Lamp

Inspired by natural objects, Soovenir demonstrates simple and beautiful curves in its products, capturing the warmth of nature. Responding to its inspiration by nature, these products are also irregularly shaped,

Lacquered Cups

Made by a Jeonbuk Intangible Asset No. 13 Lacquerware Master, this lacquered handicraft shows the identity of the Master, who makes every effort to modernize lacquered household items.

Seoul City Wall Board Game

As a Korean traditional board game Yunnori has been incorporated into this board game, this can serve as a souvenir for tourists who wish to experience a traditional Korean game, and as a learning material for children, through which they can learn about the history of Fortress Wall of Seoul while having fun.

Hen Desk Prop

These products take full advantage of the unique characteristics of 100% natural wool. They are created by a combination of 3D printing and felt technology, and make great artistic decorations.
110×80×50 (㎜)

gravel vase

This product is designed to fit modernity through a soft texture of pebbles, create soft flow of the lines and a mystique color.

Lacquered Mother-of-pearl Tray

A highly durable, practical, and affordable tray that can be also used as a placemat. Made with traditionally lacquered hemp.

Cube Plate

Each plate is formed with several faces and burnished with two different types of glaze, creating a three-dimensional effect with a design that is actually flat.


A modern reinterpretation of a seven-piece dissection puzzle and a four-item stationery kit, combining the two to create a fun and colorful stationery kit comprised of a metallic business card holder, pencil sharpener, pencil holder, and club holder.