Mother of pearl 777 Nail Clippers Set

A set of nail clippers produced by combining the techniques of 777, a global nail clipper brand,
and the fine craftsmanship of nacre lacquerware

  • Excellent cultural
    Product Program

    The Excellent cultural Product Program grants the “K- RIBBON” mark in the shape of a traditional Hanbok knot to excellent cultural products that possess Korea's unique cultural values. It is aimed at creating a “Korea Premium” concept through systematic management and brand marketing activities

Gisundo soy sauce (기순도), a product in the K-Ribbon Selection's Hansik category, is a delicious condiment made using a 10-month traditiona...read more

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Ramie Dap-ho

Long sleeveless coat with pleated accents, inspired by a sleeveless coat with a side slit, worn by Joseon kings and officials and made of Hansan ramie. The coat string was designed to be small and thin according to Korean aesthetic tradition.

Nubi Flower Placemat

While these decorative props are based on the same patterns and traditional Korean quilting technique, they come in various materials and shapes.

Solsongju Wine 13% 375ml

This tasty traditional liquor boats a delicate scent of pine tree. Korea’s Food Master No. 27 and Geongnam Intangible Heritage No. 35 Heung-seon Park inherited the recipe, keeping this traditional drink alive.

Aekjureum-po Durumagi

A cute, comfortable women’s coat that draws its basic foundation from a type of men’s traditional robe featuring pleated underarms.

Design tape (washi masking tape, removable fancy tape, opp box tape)

Various subject matters related to Korean culture and tradition, such as cultural heritage, national treasures, famous paintings and folk paintings, have been incorporated into tapes, which are often used by people of all ages. (Three types: masking tapes, fancy tapes and duck tapes)
Cup: 130×90×85mm
Saucer: 222×120×5mm

Mongdol White Mug and Saucer

The handle of this mug-saucer set was inspired by pebbles commonly found on some Korean beaches (“mongdol”). The lightweight mug keeps water hot while the handle stays cool.
Skirt, outer skirt, jacket


A modern reinterpretation of a traditional wedding dress, as red was chosen as the most alluring color among the five traditional colors. The simplified design allows you to remove the outer asymmetrical skirt for a more casual look.
Hwangbab, Yukmyeon, Seoyeotang, Samsaek Eoatang, Jeongyea, tofu, Mojeomi, Jeonyak, Dasik, Tarak

Suwunjapbang Menu

Written in the early 1500s by Kim, Suwunjapbang is the oldest cookbook in Korea and contains a total of 122 recipes that reveal the lesser-known food culture of upper-class Andong residents.

Hangeul Bottle Opener - Star, Moon, Flower

Three bottle openers that read “star,” “moon,” and “ ower” in the Korean alphabet. The Blue House gifted this set to Chinese President Xi Jinping during his visit to South Korea.