Mother of pearl 777 Nail Clippers Set

A set of nail clippers produced by combining the techniques of 777, a global nail clipper brand,
and the fine craftsmanship of nacre lacquerware

  • Excellent cultural
    Product Program

    The Excellent cultural Product Program grants the “K- RIBBON” mark in the shape of a traditional Hanbok knot to excellent cultural products that possess Korea's unique cultural values. It is aimed at creating a “Korea Premium” concept through systematic management and brand marketing activities

Gisundo soy sauce (기순도), a product in the K-Ribbon Selection's Hansik category, is a delicious condiment made using a 10-month traditiona...read more

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Reading Glass with Letter Opener Handle

Traditional chrysanthemum and arabesque patterns are used to design the frame which wraps the transparent lens. This product can be used as a letter opener as well as a magnifying glass.

White Porcelain Perforated Cups

The design of these cups is inspired by the stars in the night sky. It is interesting to note how the colors of the holes change depending on the color of the liquid in the cup.

Cheomjang Bowls

Based on traditional techniques, the artist has developed the “cheomjang” technique, creating thorn-like bumps through brushstrokes. These products present both traditional and modern sophistication.

Lacquered Zelkova Cups

The sap from lacquer trees is applied to the tableware, after which the products go through several sanding and drying processes. Known for their high anti-bacterial quality and antiseptic effect.

Peony Espresso Cups

Adding blue pigment to ceramics, which was often used as a decorative technique for blue-and-white porcelains in the Joseon Dynasty, these products bring the formative beauty and decorative patterns of Joseon-era white porcelain to our daily life.

Pillar Cup

These products meld a traditional enamel technique called cloisonné and an industrial enamel technique on metalware to bring out the strengths of both techniques, resulting in homeware that stands out due to its diverse colors and look.

Color Series – Tableware Set

This series displays the image of a rice terrace with layers of cultivated fields on a mountain slope to express “living nature”.

Lacquered Flower-shaped Plate

Inspired by simple traditional flower-shaped dishes, this product satisfies today’s diverse dietary preferences and the aesthetic sense of craftworks. This tableware offers both elegance and beauty.

Flow of Lines – Tableware Set

This tableware has its size adjusted to fit modern preferences. A reverse inlay technique is used on simple blue lines to add a sense of emptiness.